My Father’s Family

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Douglas L. Sheedy
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Patrick O. Sheedy Jr.
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Thelma Alleen Sheedy (McVay)
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Patrick O. Sheedy Sr.
Pat Sheedy, Ralph Sheedy, John Mason
Pat Sheedy & Texas Rangers, 1926

Pat Sheedy, trap lines
Prudy Choate Sheedy & D.L.
Prudy Choate Sheedy
Pat & Prudy Sheedy funeral notices

Charles McVay on railroad
Charles McVay, wife, children
Charles McVay family
D. L. Sheedy audio about above pic

Charles McVay with siblings
Bammer McVay, 50th anniversary
Bammer & Charles McVay
Bammer McVay, Ruth Ann & Mike Sheedy
Blackwells, 1890
Joseph & Lutricia Blackwell with grandson
Blackwell store, family
Blackwell store, family
Lutricia Blackwell
Sheedys & other family at Garner Park
The Howards & family at Sabinal
Bill & Theta Youngblood – Fritos

McVay farm at Castroville
McVay farm
Lots of McVays, Sheedys
Karen McVay audio about above pic
McVay family
McVay’s 50th Anniversary – grandchildren

McVays & Sheedys
Glen H. McVay & family
Barbara McVay
Glen Mcvay & children
Sheila, Glen & Bammer, 1945
Sheila Sheedy

The William Mackey family
Brackenridge Park – July 4, 1943

The Sheedy Ice House
Aunt Hallie’s photo album
Sheedy family at a graduation
Pat Sheedy, cockfight

Sheedys, Little League game
Doug Sheedy in the Navy
Coast Guard unit at the Alamo

Meltons, Sheedy, Storey

Alfa & Eli Howard
Ralph Sheedy family
Garner Park Jukebox 1961
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