Interesting Finds


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The Art of the Marbler (1970)
Hands of a Dublin Bookbinder (1981)
(marbled paper used in the process)


Gil Elvgren was a prolific visual artist in the middle of the twentieth century.  I use his pin-up girls as screensavers when I’m writing. I’ve added my own messages to the canvas space he left open for advertising, and when I’m idle at my computer for more than two minutes, the ladies at the links below start scrolling across my screen to scold me.
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The Laughing Heart
The Genius of the Crowd
The Soldier, his Wife and the Bum
Roll the Dice


Knives & Scabbards by Shandy Hale
1998-1999   Blanco County, Texas
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Click postcard to view 8mm reel sold at the fair
High-angle photos of fairgrounds & San Antonio
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Click map for enlargement


Machine with Artichoke Petal Arthur Ganson
Machine with Artichoke Petal # 2 Arthur Ganson
Avian Pursuit Bob Potts
Auspicious Messenger Bob Potts
About Face Anthony Howe
Lucea Anthony Howe
Cambrian Wave Reuben Margolin
Asinas II Jennifer Townley
Strobe Animated Sculptures John Edmark
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