The Bad Stuff

I wish I could spend all my time focused on positive things, but we’re obligated to speak out against the bad in the world.  The links below go to various pieces that address the bad.


Jihad ReportKillings updated daily
Jihad vs Crusades
Dr. Bill Warner with an animated map.  It shows the brief eruption of the Crusades versus Mohammedism’s thousand(plus)-year Jihad.  Refer people to this video when they try to make you feel guilty about the Crusades.
What Islam is NOT
A video by a young woman who describes what happens to countries as their Mohammedan population increases.  The percentages she quotes have risen since the video was made.
How to Beat a Woman According to Islam
Sharia law is the basis of Mohammedism.  The sharia expert in this video describes how men may beat women.  You can’t hit a woman in the face like you would a child.  There are thousands of “instructional” videos like this on the internet.
Ann Barnhardt – Islamic Sexuality – Part 3 of 4
An excellent four-part series.  This segment’s about the forced genital mutilation of girls.  Not for the squeamish.
Muslim Hospitality in London
A video showing what may be coming to your community, unless you do something.

Watch Number One with a Bullet
before you argue in favor of gun control again.
Gun-free Zone

Regarding the
2016 Presidential Election

The Bill Comes Due

She said what ?

More Like Bernie

Bill Cooper – Mystery Babylon, episode 14 – Skull and Bones
Part 1   Part 2
Bill Cooper spent most of his life researching international cabals.  His Mystery Babylon series of radio broadcasts is important listening, and this episode in particular illustrates his comprehensive grasp of history.  During the 2004 presidential campaign, both George W. Bush and John Kerry were asked about the Skull and Bones Society.  Neither candidate would talk about it.  Punishment for violating the club’s oath of secrecy is death.

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