Other people’s paintings, not mine.
Pieces I’ve owned over the years.
The photos don’t do them justice.
Click on thumbnails for larger images.
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Alonzo Avila
Landscape and clouds


Alonzo Avila
Landscape at night


Anders Olson – 1880-1955


Andre Krongaard


Elof Karlsen
Sognefjord, Kaupanger, Norway  1952


Ewald Grauengaard – 1889-1962


Ewald Grauengaard – 1889-1962


F J Cooper


Finn Wennerwald – 1896-1969


Gina McLagan
Desert Springs–Indian Canyon


Heinrich Bloch


Henrik Madsen – 1904-1984
Washing Clothes at the River  1953


Hugh O’Neill


Jose Trujillo
Eucalyptus Night


Jose Trujillo
Long Ride


Jose Trujillo
Blessed Field


Julia Lu
Spring Impression


Julia Lu
Morning Sea


Julia Lu
Plum Blossom Impression


Kai Husum – 1931-2007


Kenneth John Pugh
Shore Goo One


Niels Holbak – 1884-1954


R M Mortensen
Locust Fork


R M Mortensen
A Walk in the Park


Sean Wu


Sean Wu


Ted Christensen – 1911-1998
Short video about Christensen


Thorvald Larsen – 1881-1947
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