Presidio, Texas 1911-1914

A scanning project, taken from a photo album that belonged to Mabel Dean.  She taught school in the Presidio area from 1911 to 1914.  One hundred and fifty-six scans (along with notes taken from the album) in a large pdf.  Click on the cover image to open the document.
The picture below may be the first class picture of the Presidio school ever taken (1911 or 1912).  Clicking on the image will send you to a very large version of the image.  It will take a while to open.  I’m including it at this size so that you can search it for ancestors.  If you had family who attended the school back then, then perhaps they’re in the picture.  Look for their face.  (On my computer I can put the magnifier on a face, click + to zoom in, then click – to pull back to the broad view).

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